Transportation Security Monitoring

Custom Solutions to Complex Problems

Digitize designs and manufacturs customized proprietary alarm monitoring systems.

Fire and security solutions for municipalities, universities, military bases, transportation, and industrial complexes. If you need life-safety equipment, we can help.

Innovative engineering allows total client satisfaction

Since Digitize developed the first alpha numeric display for telegraph municipal systems, we've been providing innovative solutions to complex alarm monitoring problems. Pioneering solutions often involves more than just our core products, they call for the ability to custom engineer products, software and services to meet your specific needs.

These solutions are made possible by Digitize's team of dedicated engineers, supporting staff, and our clients - who stop at nothing until their problems are solved. By puting your needs first, we continue to differentiate ourselves in our niche alarm monitoring market.

Monitor all your alarms – no matter the source

Your NFPA 72 requirements don't care about how you inherited different types of equipment from different eras of technology. You have to monitor everything. There's no way around that.

We built the Prism LX alarm monitoring system to solve your compatibility headaches. The Prism LX can monitor 500 active alarm points simultaneously.

Monitor alarms from:

  • Multiplex
  • Telegraph/McCullough codes
  • Direct wire
  • Digital dialer
  • Network
  • Polling radio
  • Serial input

This list has grown (and will continue to grow) based on requests from clients like you. We apply our engineering strength to ensure you can achieve compatibility with every system you have, from legacy to modern.

By pulling together alarms from so many different reporting channels, the Prism LX serves as your central fire alarm reporting, security alarm monitoring, and building management system.

To get started monitoring all your alarms, regardless of communications channel or protocol, call Digitize to speak with an engineer about the Prism LX.