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Software Engineer (Entry-Level)
Entry-Level Software Engineer Are you flexible and adaptable enough to work on multiple software projects simultaneously? If you are, then this dynamic position is for you. Digitize Software Engineers work on multiple software projects within multiple operating environments, development utilities, and programming languages, plus they... Learn More

Administrative / Office Support (Entry-Level)
Office Support jobs at Digitize are staffed by accurate, organized, detailed and dependable people. The Office Support staff performs an extensive array of administrative tasks that requires they be able to respectfully communicate with employees in all levels of the organization. Learn More

Electronics Tech (Entry-Level)
At Digitize, you can start as an entry-level tester and electronics CAD engineer. You should have a basic familiarity with circuitry and components, but we don't need you to be an expert. If you are an electronic hobbyist, come in for some testing and and see if you have what it takes. We'll train you with progressively difficult projects until you have the needed skills... Learn More

Shipping Clerk
The Shipping Clerk at Digitize will be responsible for packaging finished goods into shipping containers while following standard quality procedures. The shipping clerk duties include but are not limited to: preparing shipping documents and mailing labels using UPS and other Internet-based shipping software, printing user manuals, quality assurance, final assembly, and maintaining inventory for shipping materials. This is not a warehouse position. This position involves frequent standing, bending, stretching, walking, lifting, and carrying small- medium sized objects. Learn More

Marketing Writer
So you think you can write persuasive advertising copy? This is your chance to prove it. If you've got the aptitude, we'll give you the experience in this entry-level position. As a marketing writer at Digitize, you'll work directly with the Marketing Manager to produce: promotional website articles, email newsletter copy, "How-to" guides that discuss Digitize solutions to industry problems, and... Learn More

Sales Engineer
Digitize is seeking to develop confident sales associates that understand our client applications, provide solutions that best fit client needs, and establish long-term relationships that yield ongoing sales. Learn More

Front-End Web Developer
As a Front-End Web Developer at Digitize, you will create visually appealing and user-friendly web interfaces for our commercial websites and internal tools. You will write HTML, CSS, JavaScript to help our website generate more B2B leads. Learn More