Inventive Military Solutions

naval vessel

Digitize is quite proud that our alarm monitoring solutions are serving the needs of our men and women in uniform. Digitize Systems help protect a significant number of military and government facilities in the United States and overseas.

naval vessel

Installation applications for the military include Base-wide fire and security alarm monitoring, as well as specialized applications for establishment of a Base “911” system, munitions storage, fuel depot monitoring and many others. Digitize’s Military customers include: Wright Paterson Air Force Base, Homestead AFB, Wallops Island, Cape Canaveral and the Columbia Balloon Facility for NASA. Bremerton, Bath and Norfolk Naval Shipyards, Bangor NAS and many others. For more specific information, please see the Military Case Study below.

CASCON Applications: The Casualty Control (CASCON) System is designed to provide a temporary, fully functional life safety system for submarines and other ships while they are in drydock. The ships, as well as the workers assigned to them during this period, are protected from the onset of fire or other emergencies while their internal systems are minimized or shut down. CASCON is made up of commercial off the shelf parts that simplify installation and maintenance. The system is designed using simple push button controls on a Kiosk and easy telephone communications. All circuits and interconnections comply with NFPA-72 requirements.

Digitize monitoring systems can be found in the Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Puget Naval Shipyards as well as the Ship Repair Facility in Yokosuka, Japan and the Trident Refit Facility in the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The Navy continuously finds ways to optimize its safety protocols, but since its introduction, the CASCON has remained a constant.