Get Backwards-Compatible Fire Alarm Monitoring with an Eye to the Future at Digitize

By Andrew Erickson

May 27, 2023

Over four decades since its inception, Digitize continues to innovate in the realm of life-safety monitoring systems.

In an industry that demands the utmost in quality and reliability, Digitize has carved a niche for itself as a leading provider of fire alarm monitoring systems. A key part of their success story is an unwavering commitment to their clients and an ethos that places quality at the heart of everything they do.

Digitize is backed by a rich history and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These continue to be trusted for meeting the NFPA 72 code and safeguarding public spaces, military bases, campuses, and more.

Prism LX forms the core of your fire alarm monitoring

The System 3505 Prism LX, an industry stalwart in central alarm monitoring systems, showcases the continuing prowess of Digitize. Armed with a color touchscreen display and extensive backward compatibility, the Prism LX streamlines and centralizes the collection and processing of alarm data from a myriad of different fire alarm control panels. Everything ends up on a unified display with a variety of printer-output and multi-user options.

Leveraging this technology, your existing fire panels can be tied together to a single remote signaling hub. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need to replace all the fire panels.

This type of seamless integration of Digitize equipment with pre-existing systems is exactly why we build and sell equipment. It fills a gap that many other manufacturers don't fill: What happens when you want to (or must) continue using your legacy equipment that is still fully functional today? How can you make it "play nice" with your newer systems (and newer staff)?

For clients grappling with older systems and technology from different eras, Digitize stands as a reliable partner. Backward compatibility up to 99% ensures you don’t need to invest millions in replacing an entire system. The Prism LX can categorize alarms, effectively managing data, and mitigating the potential need for a "fire watch" or other mandated procedures, which can be ridiculously resource-intensive.

Other Digitize devices connect your fire alarm monitoring system into a cohesive whole

Digitize's pioneering MuxPad is an essential link in your monitoring chain, responsible for transmitting crucial fire panel data back to the Prism LX.

VersAlarm panels, the advanced version of Mux Pad, are capable of operating over Ethernet and have a backup communication method. This dual functionality ensures that in the event of a LAN failure, critical information can still be transmitted back to the head end via an alternate method of communication. That gives you an additional layer of security.

A unique aspect of the Prism LX is its ability to communicate with equipment from other manufacturers. If you have devices from another brand and you want to retire that head end, the Prism LX can step in without necessitating the removal of existing field technology.

Prism LX can gather data through multiple methods, including RS485, copper wire, single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, two-way radio communications, and mesh radio, thereby ensuring uninterrupted monitoring.

Use PC displays to get alarms everywhere they need to go

Recognizing the demands of the modern workforce, Digitize's CGRMS software integrates seamlessly with Windows workstations. This high-end automation system not only allows direct interaction with the Prism LX, but also facilitates the export of data as CSV for historical recordkeeping.

Digitize is now a DPS Telecom company

As Digitize looks towards the future, a partnership with a seasoned manufacturer, DPS Telecom, will bring drive further innovation in manufacturing and improved device options. This collaboration will result in an even better hardware reliability and a broader range of related monitoring equipment for our valued clients.

Change, as we know, can often be accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. However, there's also immense opportunity for growth and evolution, which has been embraced wholeheartedly by the Digitize team.

John Ermatinger, a long-time engineer with over 25 years of experience at Digitize, has been instrumental in this transition phase. From his early days in the Test Department, his journey through Tech Support, and eventually into Engineering, John's versatile career has given him a holistic perspective on Digitize's products and operations.

This transition, according to John, signifies an era of rapid improvement and growth, while still preserving the fundamental essence of what makes Digitize a trusted name in fire alarm monitoring systems. There's been a significant revamp of the Test, Production, QC, Stock Room, and Shipping areas, adhering to the latest Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safety standards.

Work with Digitize to deliver fire protection systems - today and in the future

In a world where fire safety and life protection cannot be compromised, Digitize continues to lead the way with pioneering backwards-compatible solutions and unwavering commitment you, our clients.

With innovation at the core of our operations, Digitize remains steadfast in providing cutting-edge, dependable fire-alarm monitoring equipment to safeguard your environments. Whether you are a long-time user or considering installing our equipment for the first time, Digitize promises a future of superior reliability, broadened product options, and uncompromised safety.

Are you a distributor? You can represent Digitize products in your region.

Digitize is now seeking new distributors throughout the United States. With a rich history of providing highly compatible and dependable fire alarm monitoring equipment, Digitize is committed to expanding its reach and delivering superior reliability to more clients across the nation.

As a distributor, you can benefit from Digitize's extensive experience in the industry and its unwavering commitment to quality. With a range of innovative, backwards-compatible solutions, Digitize's products are ideal for clients grappling with older systems and technology from different eras, helping to streamline and centralize the collection and processing of alarm data from a myriad of different fire alarm control panels..

Digitize's ability to communicate with equipment from other manufacturers means that you can help your clients retire legacy equipment without necessitating the removal of existing field technology, providing added convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Don't miss your opportunity to become a distributor for one of the industry's most trusted names in fire alarm monitoring systems. Join the Digitize distributor network and help us deliver superior reliability, broadened product options, and uncompromised safety to clients throughout the United States.

Talk to a Digitize engineer now to get started

Digitize will help you choose and purchase the right fire alarm monitoring system for your environment. When necessary, we'll customize our equipment to suit your requirements.

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Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson

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