Computer Graphics Response Management System

Product Information



CGRMS™ is an integrated site management system that works in conjunction with various types of Access Control systems, Security and Fire panels, CCTV and PLC equipment, to provide efficient site managing and command tools. CGRMS™ utilizes the most of computer capability in graphics, communication and database management. It incorporates the latest in engineering applications with ease of operation.

CGRMS™ runs on a Pentium based personal computer connected in serial communication lines or LAN (LocalArea Network) to various system control panels. Customized diagrams and maps, along with specific iconsrepresenting the different types of sensors, card access and cameras, simulate the actual system installation.CGRMS™ uses the signals given by the systems to show the user what is happening with each component(object). CGRMS™ can function as a stand-alone application on a single computer or in a client/serverconfiguration with multiple computers, Primary and Backup as well as Cloud based monitoring.


Security and Life Safety (Fire)

Using CGRMS™, the user can view the status of sensors by viewing the text-based event manager or viewing the graphical maps of the site. Sensors automatically pop up upon Alarm, Trouble, or Secure conditions on the maps. To ensure that no event is missed, the icons continue to blink until the condition has been acknowledged.

CCTV Viewing and Management

Using CGRMS™ additional features and adding video capture cards and /or video switching hardware as well as cameras, turns CGRMS™ to be an advanced CCTV viewing, recording and retrieving system strongly incorporated with security and safety. CGRMS™ enables the user to control camera’s tilt, pan, zoom and focus, and to operate projectors and other outputs directly from computer mouse and keyboard. The user can capture live video, (colored or monochrome), from any desired camera, in overlay windows with all Windows XP functionality. Images maybe captured and scaled up and down. Images may be stored, printed or faxed with additional text.

Video can be attached and presented with events in the graphical maps to provide more control. Video frames can be stored and retrieved from the database and continuously played back and forth up to a single frame.Note: CGRMS is shipped with wide screen monitors.


CGRMS™ is easily connected to qualified access control systems. All features of Cardholders, access levels,time tables and reports are defined in a very friendly way and loaded promptly to the controllers. CGRMS™provides real time status of door passing, door violation, tracing, and has direct connection to the security alarm module. CGRMS™ can work with many access control loops.

Building Control

Icons that represent I/O operations and analog values along with schedules and actions setup allow CGRMS™to control air conditioning, central heating, lights, elevators and other building management systems.


The following are the minimum requirements for a standard CGRMS™ System (up to 20K Sensors), Consult Factory for Redundant servers, multiple monitoring locations and LAN/WAN & Cloud based systems:

Processor: Intel core i7 3 GHz or higher (up to 20K sensors)

Operating System: Windows 10 Professional with latest update

Memory: 16 GB or higher

Hard Disk: 1TB or higher and 1TB External USB backup Drive or greater.

Ethernet: 10/100/1,000 Gigabit

Display: Per customer spec generally 23” high Resolution or larger. Dual Monitors with Test-mode or Maps feature recommended.

CD /CD-RW Drive

Standard Keyboard

Microsoft Compatible Mouse

Serial Ports: Serial ports are only required if hardware device communicates via serial port. If more serial ports are required, a Multi-Serial card must be installed. Windows 10 should be setup for more COM ports

Panel Interface: Interface cables to various Panels

Printer: Windows 10 compatible printer

USB Port: Software key (HASP) attached to CGRMS™ is installed on a USB port.

Other cards: Other interface cards for RS-485 communication, LAN, Video capture, modem, Voice and others should meet the CGRMS™ requirements and be introduced to Windows 10.

IMPORTANT: Windows 10 requires that all hardware be compatible per the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility lists. Contact Microsoft or your computer vendor to verify that the hardware selected for your PC meets Windows requirements.


  • Provides text and/or graphical management of incoming events.
  • Available in 6 sensor limits (400, 1000, 4000, 10,000, 20,000 and Site Specific > 20,000)
  • Includes 10 levels of priority
  • Alerts Operator of incoming sensor alarm, trouble or secure.
  • Bi-directional UDP driver interface to Digitize System 3505 PrismLXTM includes autosynchronization of active events on power up, account auto-population of new and changed text, synchronization of in/out of service and Test-Mode.