White Paper

Digitize, Inc. encourages all customers, distributors, and potential distributors to learn about our products, management, and business model. We invite you to review the Digitize, Inc. White Paper  (below) showcasing our products and management. We welcome your comments and questions.

White Paper

Digitize is a leading designer and manufacturer of sophisticated proprietary fire and security alarm monitoring systems, used worldwide. The company was founded in 1977 by Abraham Brecher following the successful bid to install a citywide fire alarm monitoring system for the city of Philadelphia, the first such system based on digitally decoding telegraph boxes. In 1983, the company was recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. As the company moves past its 38th anniversary, Digitize has assumed a leadership position in its niche market, and has continued to develop and enhance a high quality product line focused on custom and multiple building applications. The strength of the company lies in its ability to provide innovative solutions to complex alarm monitoring problems. This capability, along with the ability to interface with a variety of other manufacturers’ equipment, allows Digitize to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The company is ISO 9001-2015 compliant, which mandates its focus on continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction, as well as enhancing its commitment to deliver the highest quality products and systems. Digitize systems are Nationally Recognized Testing Lavatory ETL listed and California State Fire Marshall approved for fire, security, energy management and process control. As new products are developed, the company has them tested and approved for ETL certification in their respective categories.

Currently, the company is implementing a new and more pro-active sales direction to aggressively pursue short and long term revenue growth. This sales initiative is being led by John Ermatinger, Sales Engineer, who has developed and is executing the Business Plan necessary to achieve the company’s growth objectives. The new sales direction will leverage the company’s strength in the fire and security market to transition Digitize from a product and engineering company to a more pro-active sales driven and customer focused organization. The commitment to expand the company’s distribution channels, thus creating additional business opportunities, is an essential ingredient of this new sales initiative.

Digitize Management Personnel

Abraham Brecher Founder and President

Linda Brecher Vice President, Operations