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Text 2 cell

Text 2 cell

The SMS Text-2-Cell Phone Option sends critical alarm, trouble and/or supervisory and other alarm conditions to selected first responders and maintenance personnel

Available as an option on the Digitize Remote Annunciator and Remote Annunciator Software, the Small Message Service Text-2-Cell Option transmits precise, addressable alarm data and user defined text to preprogrammed groups of designated recipients via a cell phone network and/or e-mail.

The SMS Text-2-Cell Phone option is a software application installed on the Digitize Remote Annunciator (required) and a SMS Cell Phone Modem, along with a RS-232 DB-9 cable and a 120VAC-12 VDC plug-in power supply (included).

The option operates as follows:

When an alarm, trouble or supervisory condition is sent to the System 3505/System 3505 Prism LX, the System 3505/System 3505 Prism LX annunciates, prints, and displays the information along with any userdefined “Who to call, what to do” instructions. The System 3505/System 3505 Prism LX then sends the information to the Digitize Remote Annunciator.

The Remote Annunciator, through the installed database, determines to which group (or groups) of first responders to transmit the information. The RA then makes the calls and sends the alarm and user-defined information/instructions via the cell phone modem to the authorized personnel. This application can be used for mass notifications when coupled with an outside paging service. E-mail messages can also be sent via the cell phone network.

Programming the database is simple. The SMS Text-2-Cell Phone Option is programmed through intuitive Windows based on-screen displays that mirror those found on the Remote Annunciator. See typical screen displays on reverse.

NOTE: This option was tested with Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile equipment.

NOTE: When adding the SMS Text2-Cell Option to your current Remote Annunciator in XP (the 15” model or the software), the HASP key must be returned to the factory within 30 days, or forfeit the deposit made at time of purchase.


SMS cell phone modem (included)

Replacement HASP Key, for XP/Window 7 products only (included)

Data plan with a SIM card (also called GSM/SMS) and acceptable cell phone reception(not included)

System 3505 or System 3505 Prism LX (not included)

Digitize Remote Annunciator (not included)


  • SMS Text-2-Cell Phone dramatically reduces response times
  • Issue directives to First Responders, by Group or Groups
  • Create Responder Groups with unique responsibilities
  • Intuitive Windows based onscreen displays for easy setup
  • Mass notifications possible with use of outside paging services