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Prism LX Network Option

Prism LX Network Option

Network application allows up to 99 System 3505 units to share alarm information. Any System 3505 is designated the Master; all other units are designated Slaves. All points, (digital dialers, EOL, RPI, etc.) send alarm information (ALARM, TROUBLE, SECURE) to the Master. The information is then shared by all the Slave System 3505 units. The user can elect tofilter out unwanted alarm responses at specific slaves. In addition to sharingalarm information, the user can also elect to enter user text messages atone unit and have them sent to all units connected to the network. All Slaves can be synchronized to the master unit time clock.

The standard configurator card is the RS-485. Other protocols (fiber optic, audio modem, radio polling, Ethernet) are available. Please note: All System 3505 units in a network application must have the same program revision.


The System 3505 units are programmed to be Masters or Slaves by entering the Network SETUP Mode. The Master unit is declared and then it is programmed with all the Slave numbers with which it is expected to communicate. The Network Setup Mode on the Master System 3505 allows additions and deletions of slaves as needed.

A Line Driver Rack is recommended for applications connecting several System 3505s. Line drivers provide isolation between all data lines and allow a variety of data communication protocols to be used in one system. Also required if mixing communication protocols, i.e. RS-485 with Audio or Fiber, etc. A line Driver Rack with a Style 7 via two independent line cards is also available. This allows the mix and match of any two data formats. The Slave unit requires two configurator cards, unless units communicate over Ethernet or radio except when Dual Network is desired.


The Slave System 3505 may be programmed to filter priority levels. The Master and Slave System 3505 units may be programmed to send or receive Acknowledge (ACK) or Clear (CLR) conditions. Certain Slave units may be programmed to receive an alarm for the purpose of informationonly. The ACK and CLR signal will Acknowledge or Clear the same condition on all units if the feature is enabled. Thus, if two or more System 3505 units are used in dispatch mode, all System 3505 units can ACK or CLR the same condition.

The System 3505 units equipped with Solid State Transmitters can be programmed to send and receive SST signals. The System 3505 units with telegraph option can be programmed to Transmit BOX rounds.