Dipole Antenna

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Dipole Antenna

Dipole Antenna

The Grounded Dipole-Lo and Dipole-Hi antennas are unity gain half wave Omni directional dipole antennas. They are constructed of aircraft aluminum to help prevent corrosion.

The antennas are available in 25 - 100 Mhz range and 108 - 174 Mhz range. Antenna can be mounted on poles, roofs, or walls with the proper field-supplied mounting hardware. Because the antenna

is the Grounded type, it no longer requires external lightning protection at the antenna location.

Note: The antennas sold under this part number have recently been changed to Grounded antennas. Antennas purchased prior to 6/19 were Ungrounded. The ungrounded antennas required additional

lightning protection installed at the antenna. The grounded antennas we are now supplying are superior in that when properly earth grounded, they no longer require external lightning protection at the antenna.

Mounting pole at the bottom of the antenna is now included as part of the antenna. The mounting pole extends 39” below the bottom of the antenna skirt.

Specify frequency when ordering.

Additional Material Required

The following is a typical list of additional material required to complete the antenna installation. The actual parts required will vary depending on the installation site.

Antenna Support

Earth Grounding rod and cabling per local electrical code.

RG-8/U coaxial cable with PL- 259-M connectors from antenna to panel.

Waterproof rubber mastic tape to cover connection at antenna.

Electrical conduit, clamps, and miscellaneous hardware based on site requirements.


  • Available in 25 - 100 Mhz or 108 - 174 Mhz
  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • PL-259-F Coax connector at antenna base
  • Antenna is cut to user frequency
  • Lightning protection at the antenna is not required when antenna is properly earth grounded.
  • Operates with any transmitter requiring a 50 Ohm load.