Product Information



The RAD-16LS is a sixteen zone interior radio box that complies with NFPA 1221. Each zone is end-of-line resistor type with 4.7K Ohms as the standard value. Ground detection is built-in for both sides of each zone connection. The unit consists of 12VDC battery, AC transformer, microprocessor control board, and AM or FM radio transmitter. Built in features include battery charger, watchdog timer, auto restart, clock circuit, alarm/trouble visual and audible indicators, zone bypass, local FORM C trouble relay, AC power fail and low battery detection, fuse blow circuit, and a processor stop circuit should battery voltage drop below 8.5 VDC.

The RAD-16LS is completely compatible with existing 1221 Radio formats. A 24-hour test clock operates on 60 Hz with crystal backup in case of power failure.

Built-in diagnostics pinpoint service problems. Each zone may be individually bypassed during testing. Individual zone alarm and trouble indicators, along with an audible indicator and silencer switcher, are provided. A fuse blow bypass jumper is provided for service use.

Box number and other parameters are easily entered via a built-in programming mode. The programming process is performed completely in circuit, requires no special tools, chips or prom programmers, and does not require any straps, jumpers or soldering. In the test mode the technician may instruct the box to transmit continuously with or without tones.

The tone modulated, one-watt AM transmission is received and decoded by the Mark IV or VI receiver. The 1221 Radio Option (P/N 010001-0098) must be included in the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ order to interface to the RAD-16LS.

Programmable protocols include: Eagle Signal, Digitize, Digitize 99ZN, King Fisher IRAC and Harlow.


  • 16 EOL Inputs (4.7K), Plus Test, Tilt/Tamper, Low Battery
  • AC Fail & Trouble
  • Zone Bypass Switches
  • Power Out One Watt
  • Reports Alarm, Trouble and Secure, Bypass, Low Battery, Tamper, and AC Fail
  • Barrier Strips ‘Pop Out’ for Easy Service
  • Built-in Battery with Charger
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Compatible with Other Manufacturers
  • Electronics on Hinged Inner Door
  • Complies with NFPA 1221
  • HF & VHF Ranges
  • In Circuit Compatible
  • Visual/Audio Alarm & Trouble Indicators
  • Optional NEMA 3R Enclosure with Corrosion Inhibitor
  • 1221 Radio Option for System 3505 Prism LX™ Required for Use


Enclosure: Steel enclosure with door and Cam lock

Dimension: Height: 15 1/8", Depth: 4 1/8", Width: 13 1/2"

Power: 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Battery: 12 VDC, Battery backup (12AH), 75 Hours

Input Zones: 16 Zones, EOL 4.7K

Operating Frequency: 72 – 76 Mhz, 138 – 174 Mhz (AM modulation)

Power Out: One Watt

Antenna Connector: BNC, Male, 50 Ohms

Transmitter: Digitize AM or FM Radio Transmitter

Operating Temperature: -40° to +60