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T Bar

Each System 3505 Prism LX™ can be set up as a redundant system: two complete Systems, one operating as the online system while the other acts as the backup unit. Transfer of On/Off-Line units can be accomplished by automatic transfer on failure of the on-line unit or by a manual switch on the Auto-Transfer Panel.

This configuration is available as the head end system, or at any node on a network of System 3505 Prism LX™ units.

Redundant operation using a T-bar Relay allows the System 3505 Prism LX™ units to share peripheral options such as EOL, EO32, TCI-6, line driver racks, and remote display.

Upon failure of the primary System 3505 Prism LX™, or by manual selection, the backup System 3505 Prism LX™ will take control of the Tbar and transfer connected devices to itself. The backup unit now becomes the primary unit and no loss of service occurs.

In some applications, the System 3505 Prism LX™ units can be put to sleep when the alarm information is processed by a computer system such as CGRMS™ (please see cut-sheet 750200-0001).

An auxiliary T-bar panel is required to transfer multiple options.


  • Provides automatic transfer of features available at any node
  • Auxiliary T-bar provides ability to transfer additional devices
  • NFPA-72 Compliant.