External Mount Antenna

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External Mount Antenna

External Mount Antenna

The External Mount Antenna (P/N 900722- 0001) is a unity gain base matched half-wave antenna, available as 3dB, 5dB, and unity gain. Antennas are constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass radome with thick wall aluminum mounting bases. Antennas may be mounted on poles, roofs, walls, etc. with proper field-supplied mounting hardware. The effective “J” pole design requires no radials or ground plane.

External mount antennas are also available in 3dB and 5dB; 5dB is the recommended head-end connection to radio. Antenna is factory tuned to frequency (specify when ordering).


Radiator Material: Coated steel wire

Radome Material: Pultruded white fiberglass

Weight/Height: Unity: 1 lb. Unity: 30 in, 3dB: 4 lbs. 3dB: 71 in., 5dB: 4.5 lbs 5dB: 77 in.

Wind Survival: 100 mph

Mounting Base Diameter: 5/16 in.

Lightning Protection: DC grounded

Maximum Power: 250 Watt

Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms

Bandwidth: 10MHz at 1.5:1 VSWR

Vertical Beam-width at ½ Power: Unity: 90, 3dB: 38, 5dB: 27

Frequency Range: 340-512MHz

Equivalent Flat Plate Area: Unity: .11 sq. ft., 3dB: .30 sq. ft., 5dB: .35 sq. ft.

Lateral Thrust at Rated Wind: Unity: 5 lbs., 3dB: 10.8 lbs., 5dB: 12.6 lbs.

Bending Moment at Rated Wind: Unity: 5.2ft./ lbs., 3dB: 29 ft./ lbs., 5dB: 40.4ft./ lbs

NFPA-72 Compliant