MicroMUX FACP, Intellitize Interface to Networked FACP

Product Information

Digitize Intellitize Network

Digitize Intellitize Network

The purpose of the MMX card is to provide the user with account specific text at the head end. The MMX card also sorts the events such as Fire, Fire Supervisory, Trouble, etc., and keeps track of the condition until that condition is restored. This allows the System 3505 Prism LX™ to recall any or all conditions from the FACP, ensuring that the information at the head end matches the FACP. The text information is sent via the SeriALL option available, in the Intellitize System.

The MicroMux (MMX) capability allows the ISU Unit to be connected to addressable Control Panels and process all of the panels’ Alarms (Fire & Burglar), Supervisory, Trouble and restore conditions via the Intellitize radio system to the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ as a supplementary device. The precise English text displayed on the FACP is sent to the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ with the alarm activation. The SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ supervises the MMX card and presents a daily test report from the Subscriber Units that do not report in after the test. The MMX card supervises its connection to the FACP. If the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ is taken OFF line, all of the Alarm information, including the FACP text, is held in memory until it can be retrieved by the SYSTEM 3505 Prism LX™ when it is placed ON line. The MMX can be interfaced to a variety of FACPs in Standalone or Networked configurations.

Digitize Intellitize Subscriber Units with MMX are available for Standalone FACPs (ISMX-S) and for Networked FACPs (ISMX-N). Please see reverse side for a recent list of available interfaces.

For more Intellitize System detail, please refer to Cut-Sheet 750602- 0001.


MMX card draws 100 mA at 12 VDC power from the Intellitize Subscriber Unit, which requires installer to properly size battery backup.

Operates with the System 3505 and System 3505 Prism LX™ equipped with INTELLITIZE Option and SeriALL Option

ISMX-S-FULL units include Intellitize Subscriber Unit and MicroMux Standalone Interface and one each, lighting protector, 16.5VAC Transformer, 6db UHF Outdoor antenna with Radials, 25 foot pre-assembled cable and 7 Ampere Hour 12 volt battery

ISMX-S-LITE Units include Intellitize Subscriber Unit, MicroMux Standalone Interface, 16.5 VAC Transformer, & Indoor antenna.

Other antennas are available at additional cost. Please consult factory.

Specify frequency with all orders (please refer to Cut-Sheet 750602-0001) for more details.

List of MMX Interfaces to Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

ISMX-S Stand Alone FACPs

EST - IRC-3, EST-2, EST-3, iO64, 500, 1000

FCI - 7100, 7200, E-3

Gamewell - Flex 600 Series with and without


Hochiki - FireNET

Mircom - FX-2000

Notifier – 320, 640, 2020, 3030

Simplex-Grinnell - 4100, 4100U, 4010, 4020, 4120

ISMX-N Networked FACPs

EST - EST-2, EST-3, iO64, 500, 1000

FCI - 7100, E-3

Gamewell - Flex 600 Series with and without


Hochiki - FireNET

Notifier - NCA-2

Simplex-Grinnell - 4100, 4100U, 4010, 4020, 4120


  • Supervised FACP and MMX connection
  • Selectable FACP interfaces contained on Mini-SD card
  • Setup and configuration of MMX is done via Hyper Terminal
  • Supplementary account specific text is sent by MMX to the System 3505 Prism LX™ via the SeriALL option
  • User can query the MMX in any Subscriber Unit to obtain a status count of al the Alarms, Troubles & Supervisory conditions at the FACP
  • User can query the MMX in any subscriber to update active account status, initiate daily test, reset MMX (with password), reset active accounts and check for activity
  • Automatically reports that MMX powered up along with the FACP type, Rev, site & serial number
  • Reset button forces hardware reset of the board
  • FUNC button to silence audible +85dBA buzzer and invoke modes including: data capture, setup & upgrade software
  • Six LED indicators: large red=Status, 4 red RX (receive) LEDs, 4 red TX (transmit) LEDs; 1 green ‘Alive’ LED to display normal function
  • Mini-SD card socket used for: FACP data capture & upgrade software
  • FACP data capture readable on any computer with an appropriate Mini-SD reader
  • Ack/Func button and 85 dB sounder
  • Flash memory storage, upgraded via software
  • Requires the Intellitize Option and SeriALL Option to interface to the System 3505 Prism LX™