Product Information



The RPI-32RM card is capable of monitoring a total of 32 alarm points with a current as low as .001 Amperes and as high as .50 Amperes. It provides the conversion of an analog alarm signal into the proper format to be processed by the SYSTEM 3505 Prism Lx.

The 512 Zone Card Rack can accommodate up to 15 additional RPI-32 interfaces, for a total of 512 alarm points. The RPI-32RM may be used in a chain of interfaces consisting of all RPI-32RM’s or mixed with EOL-32RM cards.

User must limit the current with an external resistor. Line power is supplied by subscriber and must be filtered DC (rectified AC without filter capacitor will not work).

The RPI-32RM requires the purchase and installation of the Direct Wire Option (P/N 010001-0055) and the 512 Zone Card Rack (P/N 450517-0001). The Direct Wire Option will provide direct wire capability of up to 512 zones. Each additional 512 zone capacity requires another option (P/N 010001-0005).


  • Connects 32 supervised reverse polarity inputs
  • Responds to 1-500 mA line current
  • May be mix & matched with EOL32RM cards See cut sheet 750252 for details.)
  • Plugs into 512 Zone Card Rack
  • Distance from the System 3505 Prism Lx to the 512 Zone Card Rack maybe extended to 500 feet with ribbon to round cable adapters, sold separately
  • NFPA-72 Compliant


Input Current: .001 Amperes - .50 Amperes

Input Voltage: 2 volts – 120 volts (with external current limiting)

Power: User supplied polarity reversal.

Scanning Rate: 820 milliseconds at 1,000 active alarm points

Operating Temperature: 32 - 150° F (0 - 70° C)