Automated Alarm Management And Response System

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Digitize Automated Alarm Management And Response System

Digitize Automated Alarm Management And Response System

Complex life/safety technology has evolved to new levels of sophistication, speed and accuracy with the Digitize automated alarm management and response system — DAAMRS™

See the difference for yourself. Simply examine the systems diagram shown at the left to see this new generation beyond conventional alarm monitoring.

This new software based automation system provides fast, accurate alarm reporting and dispatching with crystal clear graphic displays, floor plans and report generation.


  • Controls every step of alarm management process, with user defined scripts, notes and timing functions for high priority accounts.
  • Able to process and display alarms by priority, date and time.
  • “All Event Display” window displays all alarm signals received in chronological order, including “raw data” from head end.
  • Provides paging, messaging, and e-mail features that alert personnel in emergency situations.
  • Alarm Test Mode includes placing part or all of an account on test for a specific period of time or in a recurring test mode.
  • “Dead Man Alert” automatically notifies designated personnel of a situation immediately via page, message, or e-mail.