Exploring Exciting Opportunities at Digitize

By Ziad Alezabi

December 21, 2023

Digitize was founded in 1977. We sell fire alarm monitoring systems and solutions to fire alarm system distributors and end users. We serve fire alarm monitoring systems to municipalities, army bases, campuses, and transportation organizations.

At Digitize you are set up for long-term career success. We are always looking to expand our team and for new opportunities that will help us grow and improve. This is why we have created an exciting work environment where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrive.

Why Work at Digitize?

Many will think that only managers and long-time employees can impact a company. However, you can see just how valuable your work is from the almost immediate results. You're a good fit for Digitize if you have the ambition to drive a company forward.

Employees at Digitize get to work directly with their higher-ups. Working with people more experienced than you is how you grow. You will be surrounded by people who force you to grow.

Entry-Level Software Developer

As a software developer at Digitize, you are responsible for completing various projects.

You will join a team responsible for developing and continuously improving embedded electronics and custom web-based software for businesses. Your role is dynamic, requiring you to grasp processes and adapt to various projects across departments quickly.

As a software developer, you will maintain, document, and add new features to the company's internal software suite.

This opportunity gives you the chance to achieve invaluable growth in your career. The things you do here make an instant impact. You will have chances that you don't get elsewhere, like developing algorithms alongside expert software engineers who drive our business forward every day.

Qualifications for this job are...

  1. Comfortable using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and JavaScript
  2. Having experience with Arduino and Raspberry PIs
  3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  4. Excellent at problem-solving and attention to detail

Prior experience and/or a degree are NOT required, we want someone with experience in building their projects. If this appeals to you, apply here.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants at Digitize are not just people who do other's people chores around the office. We want someone dependable and able to be a self-starter. As an administrative assistant, you will be promoting both Digitize job opportunities that help expand this company and Digitize products.

Are you willing to say "yes" and learn new skills on the spot? Then this is the right role for you. You will be getting multiple types of tasks that let you cooperate with other staff and as a consequence expand your resume. You will be cross-trained in sales.

Do you have a meticulous eye for detail? Are you able to follow detailed instructions and do things such as...

  1. Answer various types of phone calls and emails.
  2. Make HR calls.
  3. Schedule meetings and appointments.
  4. Plan travel & events for high-profile personnel.
  5. Compose and edit documents/spreadsheets.
  6. Office tasks such as mailing, faxing, copying, and filing documents.
  7. Constantly learn and grow through your curiosity for different positions around the office
  8. If you answered yes, apply today.

Administrative assistants are promoted later to other jobs within the company such as sales engineer, marketing writer, etc.

Electronics Technician

The engineering job market is incredibly competitive. Here at Digitize, you can get your entry-level role that puts you on the map. You will be starting as an electronics tester and CAD engineer.

This role requires you to have basic familiarity with circuitry and components, but we don't need you to be an expert. You will be supported by experts in the field who have been doing this and more for over 40 years. You will learn invaluable skills and knowledge from them if you come with an eager mindset and are ready to learn.

Come in for some testing and see if you have what it takes. You will be trained with projects that progress in difficulty until you have the needed skills.

The Entry-Level Electrical Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) position is the right role for you if...

  1. You're talented with electronics
  2. You have strong logical thinking that allows you to solve technical problems.

This job's responsibilities include...

  1. Assist the experts in schematic design and definition of components
  2. Layout of the PCB with emphasis on very dense SMT boards
  3. Interface with Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for critical PCB layout parameters.
  4. Prepare electrical drawings, mechanical drawings, and BOMs for use during the production release of new products.
  5. Create Production PCB assembly documentation for internal SMT assembly efforts.
  6. Continuous improvement in the following areas: tools used to reduce the design cycle time, process changes to improve the accuracy and quality of the design or manufacturing output, and ability/willingness to document new PCB design processes or requirements.
  7. A focus on continuous improvement of PCB design and documentation processes is required.

Shipping Clerk

As a shipping clerk at Digitize, you will be responsible for packaging finished high-value products that we manufacture. You need to be able to follow standard quality procedures. If you are a person who doesn't neglect safety and can handle products with caution and care, this job is for you.

This is not a warehouse position. It involves frequent standing, bending, stretching, walking, lifting, and carrying small to medium-sized objects. Your job responsibilities will include...

  1. Preparing and shipping documents and mailing labels, using UPS and other computer shipping software.
  2. Place products securely with care into shipping packaging.
  3. Assemble cardboard boxes.
  4. Unpack and examine incoming shipments
  5. Allocate incoming items to their appropriate departments.
  6. You must be someone who can be flexible, you will be assigned other duties from time to time.

Marketing Writer

As a marketing writer at Digitize, you must be able to handle a checklist of assignments that you get throughout your week. You will be responsible for outputting daily content on the website that helps pique the interest of distributors and possible end-users.

Do you have strong written, and sometimes vocal skills? Are you able to put ideas to paper? This job requires you to have a mindset of hunting for topics and being able to interview professionals in Digitize, and sometimes our clients to create content that you can talk about.

You will also need to be a figurative knowledge sponge. In your first few days, you will be tasked with getting to know what Digitize is all about. You will also learn what our products are and what they do.

Are you able to write persuasive yet informative content? This job requires that and other tasks such as...

  1. Write promotional web articles, online copy, and email newsletter copy.
  2. Write "How-to" guide articles that discuss Digitize solutions to your specified industry targets.
  3. Write helpful product documentation such as blogs or white papers
  4. Constantly review your work with an expert marketing manager, and learn from his instructions so that every article you write is better than the last.
  5. Learning how SEO optimization works and using SEO research tools
  6. Editing images for multiple projects using photo editing software.

This is an entry-level position. Previous experience is not required. The most important thing that you can bring is your soft skills and willingness to.

If this excites you, apply today.

Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer at Digitize, you will be in charge of driving forward this company's success.

This job requires someone who is not afraid of picking up the phone and pursuing their goal of showing people how valuable our product is to them.

You will be required to make about 60 calls a day to clients in the database. You will remind clients about our company, explain new products, and ask about upcoming projects that we can assist with.

To help sell our products, you will need to become accustomed to what the products are. You should be able to specify which devices should be quoted after you finish a full interaction with our clients. You may occasionally visit those clients in person.

The basic skills required for this entry-level position are:

  1. Grammar, spelling, and writing skills for emailing clients.
  2. Be able to speak on the phone
  3. Able to learn every day from your peers and even our clients.

Previous sales experience is NOT required. Being a good sales engineer is about clarity on what we offer and what the client wants. It is not about having sales tricks up your sleeve.

If you are a motivated individual and this job resonates with you, apply today.

Jumpstart Your Career Today

If you're ready to challenge yourself and learn from experts, this is the place for you. Digitize is about learning, growing, and making a difference.

If you value collaboration and taking the initiative to make a change in your life, and these job postings resonate with you, apply today at Digitize or call us at 1-973-663-1011 to start your journey.

We're eager to hear from you.

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