Driving Directions from Newark Airport (EWR): Exit airport, and look for I-78 West. Staying in the right hand lane, take I-78W to 24 West. From 24 West, take I-287 North. From I-287 North, take I-80 West. After Exit 35, stay right-most lane to most easily access Route 15 North. Take Route 15 North for about four miles. Shortly after you pass the Route 15 Tap House (to your left) you will want to stay in the right lane to access the “jug-handle” exit for Edison Road. You will see a sign for Mt. Arlington/Lake Hopatcong, as well as one for McDonalds. This is your exit. Cross Route 15 at the light. Staying in the right lane, go through the next light. Digitize is the 2nd building on the left.