CASCON: Temporary Casualty Control System


When you come right down to it, a submarine in dry-dock, or any ship, is like a building on land.  It is full of people performing their daily routines and getting the job done.

An offline ship presents a technology challenge

With the ship’s internal systems running at a minimum, or even possibly shut down, a temporary fully functioning Life Safety system is required. Protecting workers from the onset of fire or other emergencies is extremely important and the CASCON Temporary Casualty and Control System gets that job done.

CASCON fills your alarm monitoring gap

The CASCON System, designed using simple addressable push button controls at a Kiosk and easy telephone communications with pull hook, phone and strobe locations, is an important tool in the effort to maintain the safety of military personnel and property.

All Circuits and Unit interconnections comply with Deep Diving General Overhaul Specification (DDGOS) requirements, as well as NFPA’72’s rigid standards.

CASCON is made up of commercial off the shelf parts (COTS), “Mil-Spec” quick-disconnect connectors and cables that simplify installation, maintenance and removal. This ensures that the CASCON can be made operational in short order.  Since all the parts are standard, setup times are minimized, as is down time. Replacement parts are also always available.

Learn more about CASCON

Full details of the CASCON system available at:
R.B. Allen's website for CASCON