Welcome to the Digitize Blog

By Andrew Erickson

June 10, 2022

This new section of the website is your guide to using Digitize equipment most effectively. You'll find feature articles explaining how to use our systems – including in ways that you might not expect.

You'll also learn how to estimate your return on investment as you plan your upcoming projects. This is critically important. Remote monitoring will remain underfunded if you don't know how to prove its real value to your management (or to yourself!).

In this blog, you're going to hear from multiple different perspectives within the company, including:

  1. Sales engineers teaching you the business cases for Digitize systems.
  2. Support engineers providing "nuts and bolts" tutorials for specific products and situations.
  3. Production staff describing the steps we take to ensure quality and reduce lead times.

I'll be writing a lot of the articles here, at least for a while. I have extensive experience in remote alarm monitoring from my 16 years at DPS Telecom, but I'm new to the Digitize team. When I interview Digitize experts and post my findings, you'll be learning right along with me.

Thank you, Abe & Linda

As we prepare for our next chapter, it's impossible for us to forget what got Digitize started way back in 1977. Abe Brecher founded the company 45 years ago and - with the help of his wife Linda, the "Vice President of Fun" - built Digitize into the company it is today.

Thanks Abe and Linda

As they transition to a well-earned retirement, Abe & Linda will continue to contribute to Digitize's success. Abe has been busy training our engineers to continue his work. I fully expect that he will be part of ongoing development and support for the large install base he created at Digitize.

Integrating with the Digitize staff has been an excellent experience. They're a remarkable group. I'm looking foward to working with them as we continue to grow.

Thank you, Abe & Linda, for all you've done!

Expect new digitize products in the near future

As we move forward in time, I'll be updating you on new Digitize products that have yet to be released. This will be important information for you, whether you're a long-time Digitize client or just doing initial project research.

Also, never forget that we are a very flexible manufacturer, especially with our new integration with DPS Telecom's manufacturing plant in California. We can build highly customized circuit boards and custom-built metal enclosures.

We can customize equipment for you, now more than ever

You don't need to wait for us to release something new. You can actually direct us to build something specific that you need.

In many cases, we'll have at least 90% of what you need available off-the-shelf. This might not all be in the same device, but we'll just be recombining building blocks that already exist. For many projects, that "repackaging" to suit your capacity needs might be all that we need to do.

Sometimes, however, you'll ask us for something new. This might be a new transport channel or protocol that you want to bring into our System 3505 Prism LX. It might be a new report mandated by a local government agency. Whatever it is, we'll develop it as part of your project, usually within 60 days.

This blog should serve as inspiration for you about some of the many types of things we can build for you.

A newer, faster website is on the way

Beyond this blog, you can expect the entire Digitize website to undergo an overhaul. The product information you've come to expect will remain, but we'll also be performing updates to that information to reflect new releases.

We'll be incorporating website features pioneered on the DPS Telecom website, including a "MyDigitize" section where you can view proposals, check support tickets, and download technical information.

Even before these additions are made, you should notice a very substantial speed boost as we move Digitize over to a much faster web host. You can expect pages to load in well under 1 second.

Tell us what you want to see on this site

There's no reason for me to build anything on this website that you don't find valuable. Current and future clients like you are the only reason this site exists.

Let us know: What do you want to see on our site? What information and tools will make your job easier?

Call us at 973-663-1011 for more information.

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Erickson is an Application Engineer at DPS Telecom, a manufacturer of semi-custom remote alarm monitoring systems based in Fresno, California. Andrew brings more than 17 years of experience building site monitoring solutions, developing intuitive user interfaces and documentation, and...Read More