Install Panic Alarm Monitoring for Your Parking Lot Attendants

By Andrew Erickson

September 13, 2022

If you manage a parking lot, then you know how important it is to keep your attendants safe. One way to do this is to install panic alarm monitoring for your parking lot. With this type of system in place, your attendants can push a button if they feel unsafe and the monitoring center will be notified immediately. This can help to ensure that your employees are safe and that they can get the help they need if something does happen.

Panic alarm reporting technology has changed a lot in the last few decades

The biggest evolution in panic alarm monitoring technology has been the shift from older reporting methods, like dialers, to modern LAN and internet communication.

78 panic buttons requiring 78 dedicated phone lines
Legacy dialers can be massively expensive because they require dedicated phone lines. That's an expense you should not tolerate when cheaper options are now available.

Suddenly, things we long took for granted, like dedicated phone lines for each and every panic alarm button, can seem pretty silly. There's just no reason to do that anymore.

That's something that many companies and agencies, including the administrators at JFK Airport, are recognizing...

JFK Airport was paying over $37,000 per year on dedicated phone lines to keep panic alarms running

JFK Airport had 3 Parking Payment Plazas with several Parking Payment booths in each plaza. Each Payment Booth has a panic button reporting over individual dedicated phone lines to a central alarm-reporting console at the Airport police dispatch center.

There were 78 panic buttons and 78 leased dedicated-telephone lines. The airport was paying the local telephone company over $40 per line, per month. That's over $3120 every month, $37,440 every year, just to keep the important but technologically simple panic alarms running!

Additionally, there were many false alarms and troubles due to the phone company frequently repairing the lines to correct problems due to age, water in the conduits, and new construction demands.

Regardless of quality, $3120 is a wild amount to be paying for panic alarm reporting in the Internet Age. That's an amount that enables 78 simultaneous voice phone calls, yet the vast majority of these leased lines are used for precisely nothing each month.

Digitize reduced the recurring phone expense from $37,000+ to only $480 per year

The Digitize solution was to connect all the panic buttons in a plaza, to a centrally located Digitize DGM-32 Data Gathering Panel. The DGM-32 accepts up to 32 EOL inputs from the panic buttons.

78 panic buttons wired into DGM-32
The Digitize DGM-32 eliminated nearly $37,000 in annual phone line expense by consolidating all panic alarm buttons into a single dialer output.

Each plaza’s panic alarms could then be multiplexed over a single dedicated phone line to the police dispatch center. This innovative solution reduced the amount of dedicated phone lines, being used from 78 to just 1, thereby saving the airport over $3,000 every month. That's over $36,960 in annual savings.

As you can imagine, it didn't take long for the Digitize system to pay for itself in this scenario, simply by elimination of wasteful spending on phone lines. Although this was once a necessary technology and expenditure for a valuable panic alarm system, that was no longer true.

Digitize has products and the custom-engineering ability for you to make legacy alarms work in our modern world

If you have an aging alarm system that is using outdated and expensive technologies like leased phone lines, then it's time to consider an upgrade. Digitize has the products and the custom-engineering ability to help you make your legacy alarms work in our modern world.

We can actually help you save money in the process, above and beyond what you'll pay for our equipment.

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Andrew Erickson

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