Monitoring Your Municipality's Fire Alarm System With The Right Manufacturer

By Ziad Alezabi

January 3, 2024

Municipalities require you to be very cautious when setting up their safety infrastructure. This is where people reside and if any safety monitoring and response procedures malfunction, it can lead to catastrophic loss of assets and injury or death to the people residing in that area.

Common Fire Alarm Monitoring System Pitfalls In Municipalities

As a distributor, you will come to find that some common reasons that a fire alarm monitoring system belonging to a municipality might malfunction include...

  1. Outdated legacy equipment that becomes obsolete. This can lead to a municipality fire alarm monitoring system not meeting current safety standards.
  2. System set-ups that can't tell when a faulty alarm occurs. For a municipality fire alarm system, this can be a huge waste of money and time. First response units deploying their vehicles and personnel costs money each time. You can also be taking away personnel from actual emergencies if you are unable to correctly identify and deal with your municipality's false alarm.
  3. Poorly maintained equipment. This can be the result of relying too much on in-person checkups, as opposed to having remote monitoring and control capabilities on your customer's fire alarm monitoring site. Poorly maintained equipment can malfunction due to things like environmental wear and tear.
  4. Inefficient power supply. Power outages, inadequate power, or even power surges where too much voltage is being provided to your equipment can damage it and cause malfunctions. This can also be easily avoided with remote monitoring and control capabilities.
  5. Lack of integration. As a distributor, always get your equipment from a manufacturer that can offer you and your customers flexibility. This will make sure that you're backed by a fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer that can fit the various needs of your customers such as legacy integrations, infrastructure restrictions, etc.
  6. Budget issues and restrictions. As Jim Sutton pointed out in an interview, the biggest reason that most places veer away from proprietary fire alarm monitoring systems and opt for central stations is due to the price not being justified. A good manufacturer will make sure that their ability to integrate saves you and your municipality a chunk of money.

When you address your municipality's concerns for things like malfunctions, restrictions, and lack of support, you will be able to help them and yourself to reach a well-tailored solution.

How To Offer Your Municipality a Good Fire Alarm Monitoring System Lineup

To provide your municipality with a proprietary fire alarm monitoring system, you will need a manufacturer that is proactive in their support and production. Some indicators that you should look out for when trying to find a good fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer are...

  1. Flexible manufacturing. Can your manufacturers offer you equipment with customized form factors for your needs? Can they adapt to your municipality's infrastructure restriction? Part of convincing a municipality to keep a proprietary system includes how cooperative your line-up is. If the equipment and solutions that you offer seem restrained, your product line-up will not be sought after.
  2. Remote control and remote monitoring. In today's day and age, you need to provide your municipality with remote capabilities, or else they're reaching around in the dark.
  3. Scalability and integration. Can your fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer integrate with legacy equipment? Can they future-proof your municipality by having forward and backward compatibility with your current equipment and the equipment that they will install for you? This is one of the features that can make your lineup a very attractive offer.
  4. Ability to communicate from fire alarm monitoring system equipment to your municipality's fire alarm monitoring system staff's phones. A good fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer will give you the ability to set your alarms up with SMS and Email relay capabilities. This allows your municipality's staff to receive customizable messages when certain alarms are called, allowing quick response times that prevent damage to your assets and human safety.
  5. Compliance with fire code standards. A good fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer will be wary of your location's fire code standards. This allows them to keep any equipment they send your way compliant with the fire safety protocols.
  6. Tech support and training. Be wary of any manufacturer that does not offer you and your customers tech support and training. This might be a huge indicator that the manufacturer is not backed by any expertise in the area. It also tells you that you are a means to an end for them (money). A good client-to-manufacturer relationship is created when the manufacturer keeps their client's best interests in mind to cultivate a good relationship and grow together.

By offering a fire alarm monitoring system lineup to your municipality's specific needs, you show them that you are conscious of their specific needs whether it be physical or budget restrictions.

Digitize Can Help Sell Your Lineup To Your Municipality

At Digitize (est. 1977), we pride ourselves on being a manufacturing company founded and backed by experts. We understand that each new distributor along with their customers requires a different solution. That's why we custom engineer products, software, and services to your needs.

We have industry experts like Jim Sutton and John Ermatinger, both of whom have been at the company for 40 years. We offer you and your customers tech support, which takes the hassle away from you. You will not need to constantly answer repetitive questions from your customers and/or municipality. This is all thanks to the training and documentation that we offer your customers.

Digitize knows to make sure that the equipment being sent to you for distribution is fire code compliant. Be very wary of any manufacturer who doesn't at the very least guarantee you this, it's a sign of them being very new to the industry and will always be ill-equipped to handle your needs.

Digitize pioneered the System 3505s PRISM LX, this master station can monitor up to 500 alarms. It has been tried and tested in many campuses, such as naval bases, several Ivy League campuses, municipalities, and major transportation departments around the US.

Our proposals come with detailed documentation that shows you how you can integrate our proposed equipment into your existing fire alarm monitoring system. This allows you to demonstrate to your customers and/or municipality with pre-existing diagrams what they would be gaining by picking your product line-up.

If this seems like something that would interest you, please feel free to reach out to me. If we can not come to an agreed compromise, I will still do my best to help point you in the right direction.

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