How To Monitor Your Transportation Department's Fire Alarm System

By Ziad Alezabi

December 21, 2023

How To Monitor Your Transportation Department's Fire Alarm System

Fire safety is important in public transportation. It ensures people and assets are as safe as possible. This extends to all modes of public transportation.

Safety risks are heightened in public transportation because of all the variables that are present, such as...

  1. Electrical Malfunctions
  2. Mechanical Failures
  3. Fuel Incidents
  4. Fire Suppression System Failures

Why Fire Alarm Monitoring Is Important In Local Transportation

Fire alarm monitoring system manufacturers help avoid potential fire hazards by providing you with...

  1. Fast detection & response times:
    1. Fire alarm monitoring systems will help you detect early signs of fire hazards. This can be through analog smoke, heat, dust, and many other types of sensors. The faster you can detect something and know where it's coming from the faster you can deal with it. This will help maximize your passenger and asset safety.
  2. Preventative measures:
    1. Preventing a fire hazard is better than dealing with one. For example, you can detect an engine overheating or other dangerous environmental indicators with the right fire alarm monitoring system equipment. This means that you can control these conditions even faster with proper remote control capabilities.

The right fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer will provide you with the proper equipment and documentation to help assure you and your customers that their livelihood and assets are in good hands.

The manufacturer should provide you with documentation that enables you to navigate and diagnose the equipment. They should also be willing to offer you and your customers training on how to operate the new equipment in-house.

Knowing that you can operate the new equipment provided by your fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer gives you ease of mind.

Fire Alarm Monitoring In Airports

Airports are usually huge facilities with various facilities such as...

  1. Runways
  2. Terminals
  3. Hangers

Managing the status of all these facilities' environmentals takes sophisticated networking solutions. Sophisticated solutions don't have to be complicated to interact with, however.

Good fire alarm monitoring system manufacturers should offer you easy diagnostic solutions such as alarm alerts straight to your in-house crew's SMS/Emails, as well as reporting to a master station like the System 3505s Prism LX. The Prism LX can monitor 500 active alarm points simultaneously.

Common Airport Fire Alarm Monitoring Problems & Solutions

Several constraints can affect a fire alarm monitoring system's effectiveness such as ...

  1. Inconsistent maintenance:
    1. The best way to avoid inconsistently maintaining fire alarm monitoring systems, is by having remote monitoring available to you. This saves you both prevention and post-accident costs. With adequate monitoring relays in place, you can effectively and correctly monitor the status of all your fire alarm systems.
  2. Equipment malfunction:
    1. The most obvious problem you will run into is your equipment malfunctioning. A good fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer gives you the proper equipment to monitor the status of all your environmentals such as overheating engines, inadequate air intake/exhaust, etc.
  3. False alarms:
    1. False alarms can be caused by dust, humidity, or other environmental and system issues. You can eliminate false alarms by having the proper sensory equipment in place, like a smoke detector.
  4. Outdated equipment:
    1. Outdated equipment can have a hard time moving forward with integration. The more you upgrade your system overall, the more incompatible some equipment becomes. This does not have to be the case if you can find the right fire alarm monitoring system manufacturer.
    2. Digitize prides itself on how flexible its manufacturing is. This allows you to integrate legacy technology into new systems just fine.

Since transportation departments have many moving variables and sites to tend to, you will need a master station like the System 3505s PRISM LX. The PRISM LX is capable of monitoring 500 alarms. It was engineered by experts at Digitize who bring 40 years of experience to the product.

How The Prism LX Can Solve Your Monitoring Issue

Digitize (established in 1977) works with Ivy League campuses, transportation departments, municipalities, and military bases. The PRISM LX has been tried and tested many times against diverse fire alarm systems, and it hasn't failed to integrate yet.

Here's what Jim Sutton has to say about the product...

Our equipment is going to be tied to an existing fire panel that's going to be monitoring those sprinklers and fire pull-hooks and heat detectors and smoke detectors. We're going to take information from that panel via our MuxPad and transmit it back to the System 3505 Prism LX at the head end.

Our niche is being able to take a campus or Air Force base or some other government facility with multiple buildings and be able to tie all of their pre-existing fire panels so that they can remotely signal back to their fire department. This can be accomplished without having to remove and replace all of the fire panels.

Fire alarm monitoring systems are crucial. If you want to ensure the safety of your passengers and assets, choose a reputable manufacturer. Manufacturers who are worth their salt will provide you with flexible integration and prevention methods. They will also do their part accordingly to keep you in compliance with any fire safety codes.

It's crucial to have a good understanding of your system and find a manufacturer who comprehends it. This way, both parties can collaborate to ensure your system's network functions synergistically.

Call today to learn more about how you can identify the best fire alarm monitoring solution for your transportation department. I would be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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