Digitize Distributors: How Do You Become One?

By Justin Sagalow

October 7, 2022

Digitize is a business-to-business, or B2B, company. We advertise and sell our products and services to other businesses, rather than individual consumers. These businesses are usually standard electrician and installation service companies. After learning how our systems work, these businesses become fire alarm monitoring system distributors.

Fire alarm monitoring system distributors advertise and sell our fire alarm system monitoring products to a variety of clients. Most clients own large buildings or campuses and are looking to monitor their own security and fire alarm systems. They do this to customize their monitoring system and avoid hiring an expensive monitoring service.

Occasionally, other manufacturers purchase our technology to incorporate it into their own products. A good example of this is The R.B. Allen Company. Their CASCON casualty control system uses the Digitize System 3505 Prism LX head end. This system is commonly found on submarines and other naval vessels in dry-dock.


This is a picture indicating that The R.B. Allen Co. is a Digitize Authorized Distributor. Our Authorized distributors sell Digitize products and enjoy a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with Digitize.

On this blog, we have outlined several examples of the diverse and exciting applications of Digitize technology across several industries. We are honored to have established relationships with various private corporations, government departments, and prestigious educational institutions. That being said, we have no illusions about the wide breadth of services that are expected of us all across the country. To meet this demand while maintaining our signature quality, we employ several suppliers to carry, install, and service our line of products.

What is a Digitize distributor?

Digitize distributors are contractors who personally handle the installation of Digitize fire protection monitoring systems. They learn about our products, build relationships with customers, and install our monitoring systems throughout their region. Due to the wide range of industries that utilize our services, our suppliers typically work in both commercial and residential areas.

We choose to collaborate with businesses who have previous experience installing standard fire alarm system devices. This can include fire detection devices, such as smoke detectors, and notification devices, such as local alarms. The qualifications required to become an alarm technician differ by state. We expect every Digitize distributor to have the proper licenses and be in accordance with the local authority having jurisdiction.

How do I become a Digitize distributor?

At Digitize, we're always looking for enthusiastic distributors who are excited to show the world the quality of our work. We're proud of what we do at Digitize, and we want to know that clients are too. Every Digitize certified supplier who interacts with clients represents our company, work ethic, and values. Therefore, we do require certain qualifications of our distributors.

Fire alarm system monitoring is a niche industry. For that reason, we look for suppliers who have a reputable background in the general field of alarms and fire safety.

An ideal Digitize distributor has an established fire and security business presence. We want distributors who are known and trusted by clients for their skill, integrity, and professionalism. We need to be able to trust our distributors to perform top-quality installations and show exemplary customer service skills.

Digitize suppliers must have at least one dedicated salesperson who has existing relationships with clients. In addition to this, distributors will need at least one NICET-certificated staff member who will attend a Digitize Training Seminar. We will discuss the training seminar in a bit more detail later on. Lastly, we always want to see a commitment to selling and supporting Digitize systems in all of our distributors.

prism lx central display screen

This is an image of a Prism LX central display screen. For those who wish to monitor their fire monitoring system instead of hiring a third party service to do it, the prism lx is one example of a readily available server on the market.

Helping you become a Digitize distributor

At Digitize, we're interested in helping you become the perfect supplier of our products. While we expect you to be familiar with alarm installation and maintenance, we don't expect you to be familiar with us.

To help prepare you to best represent Digitize, we offer several programs. Complimentary with any distribution agreement is in-person distributor training, a sales tool kit, and marketing brochures. We also offer project installation support, customer sales call support and product demos. By the end of this training process, you'll be fully prepared to sell our products and answer any questions that customers may have.

Our distributor support doesn't stop there. Thanks to our excellent support team, we'll be there to offer assistance with designing solutions and budget proposals. We are always happy to assist with any troubleshooting and problem solving. What matters to us is that our distributors are informed and our clients are happy.

vsc fire and security

These are pictures of VSC Fire and Security. They are a Digitize Authorized Distributor serving the Virginia area.

Why become a Digitize distributor?

Digitize has distributors located all throughout North America. Our distributors have installed Digitize technology in corporate offices, college campuses, municipal buildings, and even military bases. When you become a Digitize distributor, you may just be surprised who some of your clients are.

By becoming a Digitize supplier, you are joining a team of dedicated experts. Together, we manufacture and install cutting-edge system monitoring technology that protects national landmarks and world-famous institutions.

Digitize focuses on elements that are critical to total customer satisfaction. When it comes to emergency services, life safety, and commercial fire alarm monitoring, nothing but the best is acceptable. We work hard to develop the most technologically advanced and customer-focused monitoring systems on the market. As part of that goal, we're determined to recruit and support the most qualified suppliers to sell our products.

We enjoy a collaborative relationship with our suppliers. A Digitize distributor isn't just an installation service; they are a critical part of our business model. Suppliers interact with clients and receive first-hand feedback regarding user experience. The insight relayed to us by our suppliers is the lifeblood of our company.

Become a Digitize distributor today

Digitize and its distributors have strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Once a year, our Distributor Advisory Board gets together. At this meeting, we improve products and sales strategies, highlight success stories, identify areas of opportunity, and set yearly goals.

A passionate supplier who understands our mission and values is an indispensable resource. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, email us at info@digitize-inc.com or call (800) 523-7232.

Justin Sagalow

Justin Sagalow

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