About ETL

Why ETL and not UL?


Since January 2009, Digitize has been pleased to have our products tested and certified by ETL (Equipment Testing Laboratory, also known as Intertek).  Digitize initiated this change with several important business factors in mind. First, the true requirement for testing and certifying products for sale in the fire alarm industry is set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) which, in turn, designates an appropriate NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory).  OSHA recognizes and designates ETL as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, just as it does UL.  Therefore, both UL and ETL meet the basic requirements of prescribed product safety standards that apply to our industry. Second, ETL is proving to be a very customer focused company and more flexible to work with, while still ensuring that all required testing be thoroughly completed and certified to the highest standards.  We strongly believe that this customer friendly approach will also enable ETL to expand its presence and acceptance in this industry much faster. Third, Intertek is located in New Jersey.  Since Digitize is also located in New Jersey, it makes it much easier and economical to transport the necessary equipment to their facility, as well as make any needed modifications.  Intertek’s geographic proximity to Digitize will continue to be a benefit moving forward.