Remote Annunciator


Product Description:

The Remote Annunciator provides multiple redundant user interfaces and displays all the System 3505 Prism LXTM text data, with date stamp and alarm address. Annunciates alarm priority by sound and user defined color, and provides a soft key to acknowledge alarms/troubles. An Ethernet connection (supplied by others) allows communication between the System 3505 Prism LXTM and multiple Remote Annunciators.

Programming features include:

  • Filtering by priority
  • Downloadable comma delimited history logs
  • Report generation with sortable fields
  • Annunciates alarm priority by sound and user defined color
  • Password protected programming permissions
  • Ethernet communication via LAN connection
  • Provides user defined who-to-call and what-to-do instructions and Viewable history logs
  • Provides Dispatcher Historical Log
  • Outputs to SMS TEXT 2 Cell phone and Email Option
  • Controls SST Relay Option
  • Test Option Historical Data Base
  • Exports data to a Comma Delimited File for use in spread sheets etc. 
  • Supervised connection to System 3505 Prism LXTM
  • Available in 15, 21.5, and 23 Inch Touch screen models
  • Available as a Software Only package to run on a Windows XP/7/10 computer supplied by others