Distributor Advisory Board



The mission of the Digitize Distributor Advisory Board is to integrate our Distributors’ and end users’ feedback and ideas into Digitize’s product and business development goals, as well as the sales strategies designed to achieve them.  This initiative demonstrates Digitize’s commitment to our new sales direction and the importance of our distributors’ involvement and contribution to that effort. The Distributor Advisory Board consists of representatives of four Distributor Companies who are active Digitize distributors and have contributed strongly to the company’s success.  As a result, they are uniquely positioned to understand the issues, challenges and business opportunities in the alarm monitoring market. The company members of the Distributor Advisory Board are:
RB Allen Co, Inc.
Beta Systems
RZS Solutions
UTS Systems
The Distributor Advisory Board gathers in person, or by conference call, to discuss relevant issues that impact distributors, end users and Digitize.  The objective is to accomplish this by meeting in person at least once each year.  These meetings are facilitated by Abraham Brecher, Digitize’s President and Elliott Klepner, Sales Engineer.  They develop a specific agenda for each occasion.  The agenda will include topics that are important to all Advisory Board members, including but not limited to the following:
  • Overall business environment
  • Pro-active sales strategies
  • New business opportunities and innovative applications
  • New Products
  • Product performance and enhancement
  • Technical support
  • Distributor/end customer feedback
  • New Applications
  • Competitive analysis
By establishing the Distributor Advisory Board, Digitize is able to demonstrate an enhanced commitment to our distributors, as well as developing mutually beneficial strategies that will positively impact our collective businesses.