Digitize Automated Alarm Management and Response System


Product Description: 

The Digitize Automated Alarm Management & Response System is a fast, accurate alarm reporting and dispatching system, including graphic display, floor plans and  report generation.

DAAMRS features and capabilities for complex requirements include:

  1. Total control of the Alarm Management process, with user defined scripts, notes and timing functions for high priority accounts.
  2. Ability to process and display alarms by priority, date and time.
  3. An “All Events Display” window showing all alarm signals received in chronological order, including “raw data”  from the head end.
  4. Paging, messaging and e-mail features that alert personnel in emergency situations
  5. An Alarm Test Mode that places part or all of an account on test for a specific period of time or in a recurring Test Mode.
  6. A “Dead Man Alert” automatically notifying designated personnel of a situation immediately via page, message or e-mail.

DAAMRS will interface to the System 3505/System 3505 Prism LX via the CAPS II Option (PN 020001-0108), which is available at additional cost. 

Extended DAAMRS software protection and other additional services are available at additional cost.

Important: DAAMRS pricing will be determined by specific project requirements and will fall outside of regular discount schedule!  Please call Digitize to describe project specifications/requirements and to obtain competitive pricing!