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Listed by a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for monitoring Security and Fire systems, the System 3505 can process enormous volumes of data. This capability makes it perfect for monitoring large scale Security Systems as it simultaneously monitors Fire, Life Safety, HVAC and other monitoring applications. The System 3505 and other Digitize products lend themselves to security applications by accepting alarm inputs from several types of security products including Door, Window and Panic/Holdup sensors, Motion Detectors (including microwave and Passive Infrared (PIR), Glass Break Sensors, Defibrillator Activation alarms and other detectors.

Security alarm inputs can include several thousand supervised, direct wire End-of-Line inputs or EOL inputs from our Fire Alarm Data Gathering Modules (DGMs) and Muxpad IIs communicating to the System 3505 via supervised RS-485, Fiber, Radio and/or Ethernet. The System 3505 can also command and control up to 3,100 alarm input/output points over two pairs of wire using our Q-Mux ID Point Addressable Nodes and Modules.

The Q-Mux ID Point Addressable system is Digitize’s low-cost multiplex system. Two twisted pairs of wire are used to power the ID Modules to send commands to the modules and to receive their data. The commands from the central polling controller (Q-Mux Node) to the ID modules are produced by modulating the Q-Mux buss voltage between 0 and 10v. The data returned from the modules is in the form of increased Q-Mux buss current. The Q-EOL module provides a direct interface between variable resistance inputs and the Q-Mux Node. The module is used to monitor fire alarm and security devices. A 1.43K Ohm EOL resistor is included with the Q-EOL ID Point Addressable module. The Q-1R Output Module is a N/O relay contact output under control of the Q-Mux Node. A contact monitoring signal is sent back to the System 3505 indicating relay contact open, relay contact closed, or trouble (malfunction). Due to its low component cost, two pair of wire (26 gauge or larger) installation, the Q-Mux and System 3505 combination are perfect for larger warehouses, freight and truck forwarding company facilities and other installations where costs of installation and equipment are considerations.

As with the Digitize Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems, Security Web design Jacksonville installations can use the System 3505 communication capabilities to allow the “mix and match ” of any of the following transmission media: hard-wire (RS-485), fiber optic, TCP/IP (over a Local Area Network), supervised polling, spread spectrum and repeating radio capabilities. The System 3505 accepts any combination of these communication pathways, so it can be put to work in an existing system without costly upgrades or replacement of current field equipment and wiring.

In addition to security systems described previously, Digitize also manufactures the Desplex line of encrypted supervised high-security alarm systems, whose applications include SCIF facilities. Working independently or with the System 3505 these high-security encrypted systems are used by the United States government and military world wide.

Case Studies

Installation of Alarm Monitoring System for the City of Buffalo, NY

JFK International Airport Parking Attendant Panic Alarm

Cornell University

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