Military Solutions

Digitize is quite proud that our alarm monitoring solutions are serving the needs of the men and women in a significant number of facilities in the United States Military.

Installation applications for the military include Base wide fire and security alarm monitoring, as well as specialized applications for establishment of a Base “911” system, munitions storage, fuel depot monitoring and many others. Digitize’s Military customers include Buckley Air Force Base, Homestead AFB, NASA, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Bangor NAS and many others. For more specific information, please see the Military Case Study below. CASCON Applications The CASCON System, or Casualty Control, is designed to provide a temporary, fully functional life safety system for submarines or other ships while they are in dry dock. The ships, as well as thsubmarinee workers assigned to them during this period, are protected from the onset of fire or other emergencies while their internal systems are minimized or shut down. CASCON is made up of commercial off the shelf parts that simplify installation and maintenance. The system is designed using simple push button controls on a Kiosk and easy telephone Web design New York communications. All circuits and interconnections comply with NFPA-72 requirements.

Case Studies

Installation of Alarm Monitoring System at Military Facility

Installation of Alarm Monitoring System for the City of Buffalo, NY

JFK International Airport Parking Attendant Panic Alarm

Cornell University

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